Quality and certificates of our industrial PCs

How we see quality


German-quality industrial computers for worldwide use

Our quality assures your performance! We deliver "Made in Germany" vehicle mount terminals and industrial computers at a level of quality which far surpasses industrial standards, e.g. regarding vibrations. That is why product tests are an absolute given, and in addition, our quality management system is inspected, audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. But we do more! We have our customers inspect, certify and audit us on a regular basis, down to the last detail. International certifications enable the safe use of our products worldwide.

How we see quality

Our quality management surpasses standards

We develop and produce our vehicle mount terminals and industrial computers entirely in Germany. Solid engineering performance and the strictest quality standards ensure the highest production quality. We do even more so that you receive products in exactly the quality and that we┬┤re certified with ISO ISO 9001:2015!

We fulfill special customer requirements on us as a manufacturer and supplier by having our customers inspect, certify and audit us on a regular basis, down to the last detail. In product tests, external laboratories examine our products and the fulfillment of our product claims.

International certifications

Our certifications enable worldwide use

We design our products so that they always comply with current standards and legislation, both on a national and an international level. With the continuous certification of our products, we guarantee conformity with laws for our customers and partners as well. And you can be sure that you can use any vehicle mount terminal and industrial computer form Advantech-DLoG all over the world without any problems.

Export and import as well as the operation of products acquired abroad are not possible without the correct certifications from the respective country. The amount of effort needed to certify products for international use is immense. Our understanding of quality and our dedication help support globally-active companies in their business - the certificates for our products offer you the additional security that all requirements are fulfilled.